Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 7: Has it really been a week!

Wow - have we really been hanging out together for a whole week? Hard to imagine. What a hoot!

Today started out with a trip to the pool. The pool was fun, but everyone was hungry so we ordered some lunch from the Tiki bar and while we were waiting for it, it started to rain. After just beating the storm in from the beach yesterday we were taking no chances, so we high-tailed back to the tram to get back to the room. All of us except Kim that is ... we left her there waiting for the food. She showed up at the room 20 minutes later weighed down with chicken tenders and fries, wondering what had happened to us, because by then the sun was out and the pool was gorgeous.

Unfortunately the good weather was short lived and the rain settled in for the afternoon, so we decided to take our trip to Ron Jon's today. Since there are eight of us and the van seats 7 (sort of) we decided to just go in the van. This left Kim crammed into the back seat with Camryn and Breanna in their car seats ... and AJ in the trunk! I can only imagine what people were thinking when we pulled up right in front of Ron Jons and opened the trunk to let him out.

We went to Ron Jons where April, Riley and Megan waited in the car for about an hour while everyone else shopped. Then we went to Walmart where we all waited in the car while Kim and Kris shopped. Then we went to Walgreens, where April decided she was going to leave the vehicle!

After our exciting excursion we were back to the room for a pasta dinner and showers before the Animal Show, redux. We had to give up our awesome front row parking spot when we took the van, so on the way back it was looking like we would have to park far away. We unloaded the groceries (3 more gallons of milk!) in front of the building a good spot opened up out front, so Kim reparked the van closer, then another spot opened next to it, so she ran up to get my keys and moved my car too!

The second viewing of the show was not as exciting as the first. Everyone stayed for the Ally-gators (and Riley held one, of course). Kris lasted all of 30 seconds in the same room as the spiders, and Megan was not really interested, so off they went to the playroom. Riley held the spider, and then wanted to go to the playroom. The rest of us stayed long enough to hold a snake and then bugged out!

The playroom was fun, but everyone was a little tired by the end. Megan really didn't want to leave, so we will be returning to the playroom tomorrow so she can enjoy the slides some more!

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