Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 6: Dolphins and Boyfriends

As expected, a quiet day today to give everyone a chance to decompress!

Kris and Kim took everyone to the pool this morning so that April could catch up on some work. Very relaxing and enjoyable!

This afternoon we planned a trip to the beach, which was very fun because we planned on only staying for an hour so we didn't pack like we were embarking on a trek to the north pole!

While there, Megan and Riley played in the sand and the surf. AJ and April took Camryn and Breanna into the "deep" waters to try to catch some waves. We didn't catch many waves because the ocean was calm, but we did hear some amazing stories about their many boyfriends! We instituted a new rule, no dating until age 60 (at least!).

Some rolling thunder chased us back to the unit and we made it back before the torrential downpour hit. After the rain we looked out from our balcony to watch the dolphins swim right where we were early. We also saw some birds diving right into the ocean to catch fish. Totally cool!

April and AJ went off to Costa's for dinner and everyone was asleep by the time we got back. Here's hoping for a restful night so we can enjoy an action packed day tomorrow. Planning to see the animal show again. Will let you know how Kris gets along with the spiders!

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