Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 4: The day AJ changed his name

Miss Megan set the tone this morning when AJ woke up. She welcomed him into the living by announcing "Good Morning, Dave." Needless to say, he was "Dave" for the rest of the day, rest of the week, possibly the rest of his life!

Other than that it, it was a fairly quiet and uneventful day, which we needed. Pool, playground, beach. Very relaxing. April got her computer working too - yea!

After dinner the older kids, Kim and April snuck out onto the beach. Kris got the twins down to bed early (which they needed as they were overtired from all the excitement). We discovered no shells on the beach, but had fun with frisbee anyway. After the evening beach walk, we just hung out and watched movies untli bed time.

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