Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 1: Pennsylvania to Dillon SC

We were told by the vacation director (i.e. my sister Kris) that we would be leaving by 5 a.m. this morning. AJ (my 14 year old son) and I (April) showed up at her house last night, packed the car, chatted a bit and tried to get some sleep. She woke us up by 4:30. My sister Kim arrived around 5:10. We finally hit the road at 5:24 and 2 whole minutes later made our first stop. At a convenience store. The twins (age 2 and a half) needed milk, and AJ needed food!

Finally got on the highway. First stop 60 minutes later was a simple bathroom break. We were late and I was worried about traffic around Harrisburg. I hustled everyone who needed to go into the bathroom, they all got their coffee and/or soda and we hit the road again.

Did I mention that I was just SURE that 81 and 83 merged in Harrisburg and that there would be prominent signs for 15 south. Thus I felt compelled to ignore the careful directions Mapquest had thoughtfully provided. Several frantic phone calls and lane changes around Harrisburg (in rush hour traffic) later, we found ourselves on Route 15 South heading out of state yea!!!

We promptly hit rush hour in DC, but not the horrid kind where you sit for hours. The horrifying kind where you are on a four lane race track with the slowest car (us) going 75 mph! Try to keep two cars together in the correct lanes thru that adventure.

After the DC Nascar race, we decided to stop for lunch and give the kids a break to run off some energy. Lunch was at 9:45. No one seemed to find this odd. I organized running races and my sister, Kim, regaled us with the minivan adventures. apparently "find the red car" and "find the flag" figured prominently. It turns out in 2 year old speak, the response to "find the flag", is "there a fag". People decided to keep their distance from us at the rest area.

At a gas stop an hour after lunch, Kim and Kris decided to switch drivers (possibly prompted by the fact that Kris had to fight two drivers for a space at the pump). We were leaving the gas station parking lot when the minivan stopped and Kim and Kris switched seats. Turns out Meghan (one of the twins) was upset because Kim was in "Mommy's seat" and Riley (the other twin) was upset because Meghan was sad!

A couple of hours later I called to request a stop for a bathroom break. Kim replied, over the sound of 4 crying girls, "what's that, you need me to drive your car for you?" I suggest that AJ and I meet them in Florida, but no dice.

After the bathroom break, Kim and Kris successfully switched drivers and the girls settled down for the entire state of NC! Hooray!

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