Friday, July 25, 2008


This whole adventure started when I offered the use of our timeshare week in Florida to my sisters and their families. It turned out that their husbands could not take an extra week off work, so I decided to go with my sisters and their children. We asked our grandmother (age 94) if she wanted to go, but she declined (proving that with age, comes wisdom!). Although I loved the idea of traveling to FL with a group of 8 women, ages 2 thru 94, we ended up settling for 3 women, 4 girls under the age of 8 and one fourteen year old boy!

We planned the trip for months. Well actually, my sisters planned the trip for months and I politely ignored them as much as possible. Wars have been waged with less forethought. Considering this fact, it was amazing how quickly the whole plan disintegrated!

Did I mention we decided to drive. I love my sisters and nieces, but told them I would not be traveling in the same car as all of them. Thus, we are traveling in a 2-car caravan, one minivan followed by a chevy cavalier ... let the adventure begin!

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