Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 3: First day in FL

In addition to spending the day at the beach and pool, today we got to meet the Ron Jon's maintenance man. Turns out the garbage disposal did not accept potato peels, and we realized it shortly after dinner. The maintenance guy arrived almost instantly, and was greeted at the front door by two naked girls! Lucky guy! Luckily for us he also has a two year old so the idea of having two undressed toddlers running around did not phase him in the least.

While he worked on the drain, Kim, Kris and AJ took the kids to the ocean for one last swim with their new boogie boards. I searched for room keys while the guy worked and then managed to get to the beach just in time to help everyone get in before the evening storms hit.

After the beach and baths we kids (April, AJ, Camryn, Breanna, and Riley) settled on the couch with our freeze pops and ice cream to watch the season finale of Design Star while Kim and Kris took showers. At one point Kim disappeared and we couldn't figure out went. We feared the worst, that she ran away from vacation! but she was just outside talking to brother Bob to hear the wonderful details about the birth of the newest member of our family, Ryan and Megan's son, Jack.

Meghan went to bed early and Kris was in the shower when Riley decided to brush her teeth ... with Kim's toothbrush ... this after Kim mentioned that Breanna told her before the trip when she bothers to brush her teeth at all, she borrows Kim's toothbrush. We all decided we'd just use Kim's toothbrush from now on to simplify packing in the future!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring ....

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