Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 2: SC to Florida

After a thrilling evening in Dillon SC, where we swam in a pool the size of postage stamp (which the kids loved!), and ate too much Pizza Hut pizza, we hit the road by 7 a.m. to head to Florida. Kim and Kris decided that the best course of action is to drive straight thru and only let the kids out of the minivan if absolutely necessary. Thus, with a few pit stops and meals at two different McDonalds, we arrived at Ron Jon at around 4 p.m.

The room wasn't quite ready when we arrived so we went to the building and unloaded the cars (which took 2+ luggage carts). Of course, by the time we got to the building they called to say the room was ready so I had to take the shuttle back to the main building to pick them up. The shuttle took about 5-10 minutes. I got the key in 2 minutes, but the shuttle left before I got back out to it. I figured, no problem, I'll wait another 10 minutes and it will be back. 20-25 minutes later it showed up, with the driver complaining about too many cars blocking the tram route at the Ocean Front building. I thought - oh no!, please don't let that be us - of course it was!!! The good news is that AJ, Kim and Kris had gotten all the stuff and all the kids up to the third floor so we only needed to dump everything in the condo. We moved the cars right quick!

Everyone was a little punchy after being in the cars all day, but we still needed a grocery store run for essentials. We put together a list while AJ guarded the balcony to make sure no one climbed overboard! Kim and Kris offered to go, but that wouldn't work. Then Kim and I were going to go, but AJ was having none of that! (Imagine a 14 year old boy volunteering to go to the grocery store with his mother!).

Finally, due to the importance of being back into the room by 8 p.m. for the Hannah Montana movie, we decided that I would go to the store by myself (as the only one who knew where it was), and everyone else would go to the beach. Off I went with a list of essentials (only 2 pages long!). $200 later I was back with the essentials and some KFC for dinner for the kids and I. We now have enough food to feed a small army. I hope it lasts thru Wednesday!

This evening we all settled in quite nicely. the kids and I relaxed and played. AJ watched a movie. Kim and Kris got the stuff all organized. Looking forward to a nice day tomorrow. We will explore the resort. Pool, playground and beach - awesome!!!!

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