Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 8: Last Day at Ron Jons :(

In keeping with our hardcore schedule, we started off today at the pool (April even got up early to go with the group - it was accidental, but I got credit for it anyway!).

The plan was pool ... beach ... pool. After the morning pool session we were back at the apartment for lunch and then got ready for the beach. It must have taken longer than we thought because by the time we got down there the clouds were beginning to move in. We got into the water anyway and noticed that the ocean was a bit different than it had been all week.

Anyway, Camryn, Breanna, April and AJ were out fairly deep playing in the waves and chatting when it started drizzling. AJ and Camryn started for shore right away. April and Breanna thought they were working their way in, but it turned out that we were caught in a small Rip tide. By the time I (April) got us turned around we were actually quite a bit further out! AJ and Kim has also noticed and AJ started back out toward us to help out. I got us to a place where I could touch and AJ towed us into shore. Luckily Breanna never even realized what had happened. I really didn't want to scare her, but Camryn and I did have a chat about why you always need to swim with a buddy, never ever alone, especially in the ocean.

After dinner AJ, April, Kim, Breanna and Camryn went to the pool for a final swim before we left. The skeeters were out, but otherwise it was peaceful and Camryn and Breanna made a new friend that they played with for a good while.

When we got back Kris had morphed into a cleaning machine and the apartment was really looking great. Kim and Kris had already packed up for an early morning departure on Sat.

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